Punjab Engineering Works also offers turnkey solutions like installation, maintenance and servicing of:

  • Zinc, Brass Aluminium Crushing Plant
  • Poultry Plant & Cattle Feed Plant
  • Namkeen Automatic Plant
  • Papad Plant.

Core Features

The products, though ranging from household machinery to complex industrial ones, have some core features in common. They are all easy to start & operate and provide dust free operations with assured durability. The products are guaranteed to provide high performance and mixing efficiency.


  • The company is strongly quality oriented. There are regular inspections carried out to eliminate errors
  • Co-ordination with the clients helps understand their specifications and deliver products in exact accordance
  • Constant research and development help in tapping the latest technology
  • The products are tested thoroughly so that they meet the highest performance standards
  • The products are packaged and stored under careful conditions to avoid damage and wastage.

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